Thursday, June 30, 2011

:: Highlight of the month ! ::

 BIG SALE !! This promotion is valid from 1st july until 1st august.

Ace Black RM35 (harga biasa RM40)
Dueba Dolly Black RM25 (harga biasa RM30)
Dueba Dolly Pink RM35 (harga biasa RM40)
Luna King Black RM30 (harga biasa Rm35)
Princess Nudy RM25 (harga biasa RM30)
Princess Nudy Pink RM35 (harga biasa RM40)
Pop C Series RM25 (harga biasa RM30)
Blytheye RM25 (harga biasa RM30)
Dizon Eye RM35 (harga biasa RM40)
Puffy 3 Tones RM35 (harga biasa RM40)
Natural 3 Tones RM40 (harga biasa RM45)
Gothic 3 Tones RM35 (harga biasa RM40)
Sugar Candy RM35 (harga biasa RM40)
Kira-Kira RM40 (harga biasa RM45)
Celeb Nudy RM40 (harga biasa RM45)
Bubble eye RM35 (harga biasa RM40)
Dolly eye RM35 (harga biasa RM40)
Fairylens RM40 (harga biasa RM45)
Super Barbie series RM30 (harga biasa RM30 -RM40)
Dreamy-I RM25 (harga biasa RM30)
Dreamy-I Pink RM35 (harga biasa RM40)
Crystal-I RM35 (harga biasa RM40)

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